Resources with more information regarding help in Poland

Official Website

Information for citizens of Ukraine about social security, education for your child, employment opportunities and more in Poland. mceclip0.png

Information support

In the section "Help to citizens of Ukraine" you will find a list of Help Centers mceclip0.png.

A site for citizens of Ukraine, created by the Government of the Republic of Poland

It contains important information about the first steps after arriving in Poland, financial support, employment, medical assistance and much more. mceclip0.png

Help lines for temporarily displaced persons

You can call the hotlines:

  • Office of Foreigners of the Republic of Poland: +48 47 721 75 75;
  • Justice Fund of the Republic of Poland: +48 222 309 900;
  • Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: 800 012 948.

Help centers

You can contact:

  • the nearest Center for Social Protection of the Republic of Poland (Oล›rodek pomocy spoล‚eฤ‡ej);
  • Center for Family Assistance of the Republic of Poland (Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie);
  • District Eldership of the Republic of Poland (Starostwo Powiatowe).

Representations of international organizations, public organizations, foundations, cultural and integration centers:

  • Migrant Assistance Center (Caritas Polska);
  • Blue dot (UNICEF, UNHCR);
  • Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM);
  • Fundacja Leny Grochowskiej;
  • Ukrainian House Foundation;
  • Fundacja Ocalenie.

You can read more about how Ukrainians can get help in Poland mceclip0.png and view the addresses of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland.

Information on assistance to help Ukrainians with temporary housing, transport, medical and legal issues. mceclip0.png

Ukrainian Embassy

Main website and Facebook page for Ukraine's Embassy in Poland. mceclip0.png mceclip0.png