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What childcare options are available for children who are not yet school-aged?

Children of Ukrainian citizens who have come to Slovakia as a result of the war and have applied for temporary refuge or asylum are entitled to free education in Slovakia. This applies to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. You can enroll your child into a nursery or kindergarten of your choice, for that you need to show your temporary protection documents, or explain that you have applied.

For more information you can contact the Ministry of Education mceclip0.png or the nursery directly. You can check vacancies in Slovak schools and kindergartens according to the school map of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic mceclip0.png.
You can also engage your child in an online kindergarten mceclip0.png or contact the NGOs Mareena mceclip0.png and ฤŒlovek v ohrozeni mceclip0.png.

How do I enroll my child(ren) into school?

Children of Ukrainian citizens who have come to Slovakia as a result of the conflict and have applied for temporary refuge or asylum are entitled to free education in Slovakia. This applies to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Compulsory school attendance in Slovakia is mandatory until the age of 16, but applies only to children with permanent residence in Slovakia and does not apply to persons with temporary refuge.

To enroll your child in school, you need:

  1. Ask for temporary refuge or asylum for your child.
  2. Visit kindergarten, primary or secondary school.
  3. Present to the Director a document proving that you applied for temporary refuge or asylum.

According to the level of education and level of command of the Slovak language, your child will be included in the relevant class and the child will receive language course. More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education mceclip0.png. You can view the list of schools here and the live-map of school capacity here mceclip0.png.

Before starting kindergarten or school, the child must be examined by a pediatrician and a certificate of the childโ€™s health, including details of compulsory vaccinations, must be submitted to the head of kindergarten/school. You can contact a pediatrician according to the recommendation of acquaintances, according to the city district where you live or where the kindergarten/school is located.

You can also enroll your child into an online school is here mceclip0.png or an online-kindergarten for younger kids here mceclip0.png.

Free Slovak language courses can be accessed here mceclip0.png and here mceclip0.png.

Also, please check this online hub mceclip0.png for children in 7-11 grades for home studies and additional resources. It does not replace the official school curriculum.

If your child wants to participate in distance learning only within the framework of the Ukrainian education system (and does not study in a Slovak school), or if he/she studies in a Slovak school and at the same time wants to participate in distance learning within the framework of the Ukrainian education system in the afternoon, several online education options are available to him/her.

"All-Ukrainian School Online" mceclip0.png is the main educational platform containing interactive materials (videos, tasks, exercises) according to official Ukrainian curricula (18 main subjects). Covers grades 5-11. Classes 1-4 are being prepared.

Electronic versions of textbooks mceclip0.png published by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The educational platform School to Go Online mceclip0.png, created by Soficreo, offers distance learning under the guidance of Ukrainian teachers.

What happens if my kid gets sick?

A non-profit organisation Plamienok mceclip0.png offers seriously ill children who have come to Slovakia home visits of a doctor, nurse or social worker at the place of residence of these children in Bratislava. Parents who accompany their children can use consultations with experts.
Contact: Jarmila Kovรกฤikovรก,, 0907 377 808.

Can I continue my university studies at another university? What documents do I need?

You can choose between non-degree and full degree studies.

Non-degree study or academic mobility is available only to those who already started their study at a Ukrainian university, and would like to collect credits for individual subjects which then can be recognised by the home university once they return back to Ukraine.
In case of a full degree study you have to be officially accepted by the Slovak university for a degree study, which usually means you have to pass the official admission process. For a general overview of current admission process to a degree study see the section โ€žStudy in Slovakia / Higher Education in Slovakia / Admission and Tuition Fees mceclip0.pngโ€œ. Once you are admitted to the degree study at a university in Slovakia, you can either study from the beginning, or if you have any records from your previous education in Ukraine, the university may be able to recognise at least some of the previously studied subjects. We recommend you to contact directly the university you are interested in.

  • For a degree study at the bachelor level you will need a secondary school leaving certificate.
  • For a full master study you will need to provide a diploma and a diploma suplement from at least a bachelor level study.
  • For a full PhD study you will need to provide a diploma and a diploma suplement from at least a master level study.
  • For non-degree study (academic mobility) you will need a proof that you are currently a student at a university in Ukraine.
    For more information please visit mceclip0.png.

If you wish to continue your education and need recognition of primary or secondary education certificates, you should contact the regional office of the school administration mceclip0.png.

To obtain a certificate of education, you can contact the Ukrainian side at the email address

Please note that the recognition of grades and other achievements is decided by educational institutions. For the recognition of higher education diplomas, it is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic mceclip0.png.

What languages do I need to speak to be able to study?

You can study in Universities in English or Slovak. For Slovak language courses please fill out this form mceclip0.png or visit this website mceclip0.png.

Very often, information about language courses is published on this Telegram channel mceclip0.png.

Where can I pass my related language exams (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)?

You can pass the Slovak language certificate exam at Center for Continuing Education mceclip0.png and at International House mceclip0.png.