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What childcare options are available for children who are not yet school-aged?

Generally, kindergartens are available for Ukrainian children, and they can be enrolled through a simplified procedure. The parents will only have to present the certificate of the beneficiary of the Placement Center, where they are accommodated, and then the refugee document for the complete procedure during four to five working days. When registering in a kindergarten, the following documents are required:

  • Application form;
  • Parentsโ€™ identity document;
  • Childrenโ€™s birth certificate and medical certificate (no PCR Test required).
How do I enroll my child(ren) into school?

The government offers several educational options for Ukrainian refugee children.
Ukrainians who have applied for asylum can have direct and full access to schools.
Otherwise, an alternative option is to attend the classes together with their Moldovan peers.
Beyond the schools, children will have access to extracurricular activities, psycho-pedagogical support and counseling or non-formal activities in Youth Centers.

For more information, please visit mceclip0.png and UNESCO mceclip0.png.

Also, please check this online hub for children in 7-11 grades for home studies and additional resources. It does not replace the official school curriculum.

What happens if my kid gets sick? mceclip0.png offers free consultation to families with children. You also have access to public hospitals and the public healthcare system. You may contact the ambulance at 112 in case of emergency.

Viata fara leucemie mceclip0.png offers help to Ukrainian children with cancer.


Please download a brochure with all the necessary information about the help you can get in Moldova here mceclip0.png.

Can I continue my university studies at another university? What documents do I need?

Ukrainian refugee students can continue their studies at universities in Moldova. The list of available higher education institutions and instructions can be accessed here mceclip0.png.
To attend local universities, Ukrainian students must apply in the โ€˜mobility educationโ€™ program and provide the necessary documentation. Refugees students who cannot prove their previous education through documents issued by a higher education institution in Ukraine will undergo testing to access universities in Moldova.
Please visit UNESCO for more information.

What languages do I need to speak to be able to study?

Most of universities have classes in Russian. Also, a number of schools are Russian-speaking schools.

Where can I pass my related language exams (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)?

Currently, there are no IELTS test centers in Moldova. For TOEFL test, you should check the EAC mceclip0.png website in order to register for the test. There are at least 3 test centers in Chisinau for TOEFL.