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General information on border crossing?

You can enter Czech Republic from Slovakia, Poland, Austria or Germany by car or train.
You can check the interactive map of waiting time at the countries that border with Ukraine here mceclip0.png.

Czech hotline for general immigration questions (+420) 974 801 801 and visit mceclip0.png to get general information on the help provided in Czech Republic.

What documents do I need to enter?

A valid biometric passport is required. If you do not have a biometric passport, it is advised to bring all other available documents proving your identity. According to the FAQ of the Czech Ministry of the Interior, it cannot be guaranteed that a person arriving without a biometric passport can enter. Howeverm there it is also stated that if you are able to prove your identity with a Ukrainian identity card, you can apply for temporary protection. If you do not have any identity documents, you are advised to contact the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic to confirm your nationality.

What happens after a border crossing?

Ukrainian citizens must do the following upon entry:

More information to be found here mceclip0.png.

How can I get from the border to the capital (a certain town)?

You can reach other cities by:

Free trains operated by ฤŒeskรฉ drรกhy mceclip0.png;

How can I travel to another (specific) country?

Ukrainians or citizens of other visa-free countries can continue to travel to other EU/Schengen countries for up to 90 days in 180 days. If you have been granted temporary protection and you do not hold a valid travel document, the Ministry of the Interior or the Police will issue Travel Identity Card but only after proving that you need to leave the Czech Republic (by plane ticket, bus / train ticket, professional reasons). Local conditions at workplace do not allow the Police or the Ministry of the Interior to issue Travel Identity Cards in other than truly well founded cases. Check out the official governmentโ€™s page mceclip0.png for more information.

Travel options are:

  • Trains operated by ฤŒeskรฉ drรกhy mceclip0.png provide free rides to Ukrainians to the neighboring countries.
  • Flights operating from Prague airport, Brno Airport, Ostrava Airport, Karlovy Vary Airport, Pardubice Airport.
  • Flixbus mceclip0.png offers cheap tickets within EU or free tickets for refugees departing Przemyล›l, Rzeszรณw, Suceava and Tulcea.
How long can I stay?

You can stay in the Czech Republic up to 90 days in any 180-day period visa free.

If you received temporary protection, you will be able to stay in the Czech Republic for up to 1 year (until March 31st, 2023 at the latest).

Where can an unaccompanied minor get help?

You can contact the offices of social-legal protection of children (they are part of the social affairs departments of municipal and regional authorities); contacts are available on the websites of all offices. You can also contact the 24-hour information line of the Ministry of the Interior: +420 974 801 802 or e-mail An official leaflet about help provided to Ukrainian children is here mceclip0.png.

Are there any Covid-related requirements and if yes, what are they?

Currently, there are no Covid-related requirements at the border applicable to people fleeing war in Ukraine.

Where do I register for temporary protection?

You should apply for temporary protection at the Regional Assistance Centers of Ukraine mceclip0.png if you:

  • Arrived to the Czech Republic after February 24.
  • If you are a family member of a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Entered and stayed in the Czech Republic until February 24 on a visa-free or short-stay Schengen visa, which expires and you can not extend it and can not travel.

In other cases, you should apply for temporary protection in person at the OAMP MV mceclip0.png (Ministry of the Interior).

In order to apply for temporary protection you need to fill out a form, have a valid foreign biometric passport and a photo (45 x 35 mm). The application form to be printed and filled out is available here mceclip0.png and the electronic version is available here mceclip0.png (pdf, 1.6 MB). If you do not provide a valid travel document with the application, the procedure for obtaining temporary protection may be delayed. The Ministry of the Interior cannot guarantee that the application will be reviewed on the spot.

What are my rights while I wait to get temporary protection?

You should receive protection immediately. Before you receive it, you are considered a tourist. Urgent assistance is provided regardless of status but the scope of support is limited. Official information can be read at mceclip0.png.

What documents will I receive once I get temporary protection?

You will get a visa sticker in your travel document. If you have been granted temporary protection and you do not hold a valid travel document, the Ministry of the Interior or the Police will issue Travel Identity Card but only after proving that you need to leave the Czech Republic (by plane ticket, bus / train ticket), under condition that travelling is necessary for professional reasons or another urgent reason. A travel identity card shall not be issued for the purpose of travel to Ukraine. Local conditions at the Police and Ministry of the Interior offices allow issuing Travel Identity Cards only in truly well founded cases.

May I temporarily return to Ukraine? What will happen to my protection status?

Temporary protection does not expire if you leave to Ukraine, unless you permanently leave the Czech Repuiblic.

Can I move around the country and the European Union freely while under temporary protection?

Yes, you can travel around the country and within the Schengen area with the visa sticker, however only for a maximum period of 90 days wihin 180 days.

Can I apply for asylum while under temporary protection? What is the difference?

In the current situation, asylum procedure is not an optimal solution. It is faster and more efficient to request temporary protection which will give you free access to the labour market. However, every foreign national has the right to apply for asylum.

The main differences from the temporary protection are the following:

Temporary protection:

  • It is a new addition to the international protection (asylum).
  • Fast access to the residency rights, housing, social welfare assistance, medical care, legal assistance and safe placement for unaccompanied children and teenagers, access to education for children and teenagers, access to the job market.


  • Under EU law, you can apply for international protection (asylum) in the first safe country you enter.
  • It is a complex procedure and it will take time until your case will be reviewed.
  • You can access the job market after 6 months if no final decision has yet been taken on the case.
  • You are prohibited for 6 months to cross the border of the host state while your application is being considered

You can also apply for "family reunification" if a family member already resides legally in the EU.

Official information at mceclip0.png.

How and where can I apply for the residency?

You can apply for residence (temporary protection status) at the Regional Centers for help and Assistance to Ukraine (KACPU) More information is available at mceclip0.png. In order to apply you would need to submit a completed application form, valid passport, and photograph 45 x 35 mm.

How long I need to wait to get the residency?

You should receive temporary protection (residence) immediately upon arrival.

What if I don't have the international passport?

If you can verify your identity with a Ukrainian ID card, you can still apply for temporary protection. If you do not have any proof of identity, please contact the Embassy of Ukraine mceclip0.png or the Consulate mceclip0.png in the Czech Republic to confirm your citizenship. Official information at mceclip0.png.

Where can I take a photo for my documents?

There are many shops that offer such services. Look for printer shops and copy centers nearby your area on Google Maps.

Where can I translate my documents?

Free translations of legal documents are available at mceclip0.png.

How do I get Mobile phone/internet services?
  • Vodafone mceclip0.png has provided 1500 prepaid SIMs with credit of 500 CZK to be distributed to refugees in-country and is preparing to distribute an additional 10K SIMS mceclip0.png with 200 CZK (โ‚ฌ8) of credit and 3GB data.
  • T-mobile mceclip0.png offers free calls and SMS between Czechia and Ukraine.
  • O2 mceclip0.png also offers SIM-cards and discounted price for calls and SMS.

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