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Where can I go to find emergency/short-term housing?
Can I access public housing or housing provided by the state? How and where do I apply for public housing?

Visit the KACPU Regional Assistance Help Center, where you will be assisted in arranging accommodation and other help if necessary. KACPU addresses in each region can be found below on this page mceclip0.png.

How do I find long term housing?

The easiest way is to visit Special Regional Assistance Centres for Ukraine where guidance and help is going to be given. If you rent a property privately, you must register with the Police of the Czech Republic at the Foreignersโ€™ Residence Unit of the Department of Foreign Police. You can use this platform to find long-term housing mceclip0.png.

If I am staying with friends and family in the long term, what documents do I need to fill out to make it official? How can I obtain proof of residency?

You should get written confirmation from the owner the property which bears their official signature or is signed in front of an employee of the Asylum and Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior. You need an identification document to receive a lease contract, which in turn serves as proof of residence.
You should always report a change of residence in the territory of the Czech Republic. To report a residence change, or any other chan please use this form mceclip0.png for manual completion or this form mceclip0.png for electronics completion. You should send the completed form, including attachments (if there are any) by post to the address of one of the Ministry of the Interior Offices mceclip0.png or go there in person. Please, do not report any changes by e-mail.
Everything can also be arranged at the Regional Assistance Centres for Ukraine (KACPU) mceclip0.png, but only on working days when staff are present. It is not possible to arrange the service on weekends.
More information at mceclip0.png.