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Is there cash assistance available? Who is eligible? How does someone apply?

If you are under temporary protection, you are eligible for a humanitarian allowance of CZK 5 000 / month. (source: leaflets in Czech mceclip0.png and Ukrainian mceclip0.png from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs mceclip0.png). This allowance may be paid once or repeatedly - depending on the individual needs.

How do I set up a bank account?

You can open a free bank account with:

  • CฬŒSOB mceclip0.png - for citizens with a Czech humanitarian visa, the bank immediately invests 2,500 CZK in the account.
  • ฤŒeskรก Spoล™itelna mceclip0.png - offer free bank account set up as well and invests 3 000 CZK into your account.
How do I withdraw cash or exchange my currencies?

Like anywhere in the EU, you can withdraw cash from any ATM (some may charge a fee).

Unfortunately, if you have Ukrainian Hryvnia cash you cannot change those at the moment. The EU countries currently working on a solution. We recommend you to withdraw the money from the ATM.

How do I pay taxes in a country?

If you are officially employed in Czech Republic, your employer pays taxes on your behalf (there are deductions from your monthly wages i.e. for social security). Detailed info at mceclip0.png.

If I already work remotely, how should I pay my taxes?

If your remote job is within Czech Republic, your employer will take care of taxes.

If your remote job is outside of Czech Republic or you are a freelancer, please talk to a tax expert. There is a double taxation agreement in place between Ukraine and Czech Republic to avoid double taxation. For more information please visit mceclip0.png.

How can I send money back to Ukraine?

Most banks can operate transfers to Ukrainian accounts without any issues. Alternatively, you can use online banks, like Revolut, Paypal or TransferWise.