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What childcare options are available for children who are not yet school-aged?

Children from Ukraine will be integrated into Portuguese schools and will have the same rights as Portuguese.

Pre-schools are available both in public and private types. They admit children between three and six years of age, until primary school. Public pre-schools in Portugal mostly free. Please contact your local kindergarten to get more information about admission conditions.

Pre-school children can also maintain classes in Ukrainian, through the โ€˜NUMOโ€™ mceclip0.png program of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, with โ€˜onlineโ€™ resources for kindergarten.

How do I enroll my child(ren) into school?

You must contact school in your area of residency or governmental entity responsible for the education area ( mceclip0.png).

Typically you will need the following documents for application:

  • Identification documents;
  • School certificate or any other document proving child's qualification degree;
  • Vaccination certificate (all vaccines).

Please confirm with your local school the full list of the necessary documents.

Public schools in Portugal are state-subsidized, that means they are free for residents.

Also, please check this online hub mceclip0.png for children in 7-11 grades for home studies and additional resources. It does not replace the official school curriculum.

You can check the school network here.

What happens if my kid gets sick?

When your child gets a registration in Portugal, general healthcare treatments will be free. These include the following:

  • Pediatric appointments until age 18 through a GP;
  • Free vaccinations;
  • Preventive dental care, excluding orthodontic treatments like braces.

Most Spanish hospitals have pediatric wards where you can get treatment by a specialist for your child.

Here mceclip0.png is list of pediatric centers in Portugal.

Can I continue my university studies at another university? What documents do I need?

All citizens who are granted temporary protection may apply for emergency student status for humanitarian reasons, regardless of the nationality of the applicant or of his/her family members. Please note that the application must be accompanied by the document from the Aliens and Borders Service granting the temporary protection (not the proof of application but only the proof of granting). The application may be submitted directly to the higher education institution at any time.

Students in an emergency situation for humanitarian reasons may apply for a scholarship.

The application is submitted online using the form accessible here mceclip0.png, with the use of credentials previously obtained from any Higher Education Institution. The deadline for submission of the scholarship application for a full academic year is, as a rule, until September 30th or, 20 days after registration. But it can also be submitted until May 31st of the academic year itself.

General information can be found on this link mceclip0.png, and more specific information can be found on the FAQ mceclip0.png page.

What languages do I need to speak to be able to study?

Most of degrees are taught in Portuguese.

However, some public universities also offer studies for English speakers:

  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa;
  • Instituto Superior Tecnico;
  • Catholic University of Portugal;
  • University of Lisbon;
  • University of Porto;
  • Catรณlica Lisbon School of Business and Economics.

New residents can get free Portuguese lessons through IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formaรงรฃo Profissional). There are also a number of Portuguese language courses and online resources. Most courses are paid, but the following article lists free resources for learning Portuguese mceclip0.png.

Practice Portuguese mceclip0.png, one of the most popular language learning programs, offers free premium access for Ukrainians moving to Portugal. Just contact them for more information.

Where can I pass my related language exams (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)?

Here you can find dates and locations for TOEFL exam mceclip0.png and for IELTS exam mceclip0.png in Portugal.