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Is there cash assistance available? Who is eligible? How does someone apply?

Ukrainians who have received the status of temporary protection are entitled to financial assistance. Its amount is EUR 300 per month for each family member for a period of up to 3 months.

Parents of minor children can receive an additional payment of 150 euros per month for each child. For this, applicants must live in separate non-state housing for at least ten days a month.

Support is currently available from the Italian agency Assolavoro mceclip0.png, in collaboration with the trade unions Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl and Uiltemp. The application can be submitted by Ukrainians who have obtained the status of temporary protection in the country. A one-time grant of 1,000 euros is paid after completing a basic Italian language course or a professional training course. During the training, people are reimbursed for their food and accommodation expenses and are entitled to a daily hourly wage of โ‚ฌ3.50/hour.

Provided social assistance:

โ€ข to pay for kindergarten (up to 150 euros);

โ€ข for obtaining an education - various categories of expenses, from the purchase of literature to the payment of university fees (within 200 euros);

โ€ข purchase of goods for a child up to 2 years old (800 euros);

โ€ข psychological assistance (up to 200 euros).

More information at mceclip0.png.

How do I set up a bank account?

Anyone legally staying in Italy has the right to open a Conto Corrente di Base. Itโ€™s available at all banks and Poste Italiane offices in Italy, and is intended to make banking services available to those who can't afford usual banking fees. To open a conto di base you will most likely need to make an appointment with one of the banks or the Poste Italiane offices in your area. The procedure may vary from bank to bank, that is why it's a good idea to visit the branch to ask for more information. When you go to the bank or the post office, you must bring along with you the following documents:

  • A valid permesso di soggiorno;
  • Codice fiscale;
  • A valid identity document.

Learn more about how to open a Conto corrente di base at mceclip0.png.

How do I withdraw cash or exchange my currencies?

You can withdraw cash at any bank and in ATMs in the city. Popular banks: Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit.

How do I pay taxes in a country?

If you live in Italy for less than 6 months, you will be liable only for the income earned in the country. There could be many cases:

  • Business income from a resident company in Italy;
  • Pension sourced from Italy;
  • Income coming from Italian patent or trademark. In this case it should be paid by the Italian state or Italian residents;
  • Italian financial income and capital gains;
  • Income from an Italian employment contract, or freelancerโ€™s activity.

If you are employed in Italy, you do not have other sources of income, and you do not claim any tax deductible item, you should not worry about filing your tax return. Income tax is withheld monthly by your employer in your payslip.

You can find more information here mceclip0.png.

If I already work remotely, how should I pay my taxes?

In general, if you're working remotely you'll only have to file and pay income taxes in the state where you live. However, in some cases, you may be required to file tax returns in two different states. This depends on your particular situation, the company you work for, and the tax laws of the states involved. Please, seek independent advice for your specific case.

How can I send money back to Ukraine?

You can transfer money from Italy to Ukraine via an international transfer or money transfer at a corresponding provider or a bank.

For an international transfer at the bank you have to fill out a special form and usually pay fees. Other special money transfer providers (e.g. Western Union, Moneygram, Wise, Revolut, Paypal) are often a cheaper and faster alternative.