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How to renew a driver's license?

According to the regulations mceclip0.png and instructions mceclip0.png on replacing or restoring a driver's license, a person who has made such a request and has a confirmed the fact of the existence of a damaged/lost driver's license must contact the territorial service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs mceclip0.png, which will issue a new driver's license. There is no need to take an exam again under such conditions.

Documents needed:

  • a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a document certifying a person and confirming citizenship or special status;
  • a copy of the identification code or the series and number of the passport (for individuals who, due to their religious beliefs, refused to accept the registration number of the taxpayer's registration card, reported this to the relevant supervisory authority and have a mark in the passport);
  • medical certificate 083/o mceclip0.png;
  • in case of abduction - a certificate from the police;
  • old certificate (if preserved);
  • if necessary, a document on the change of personal data.

But note that:

  • if the license is damaged, you should take it with you to the service center;
  • if you need to change personal data, you must present a document or certificate confirming the change of these data;
  • if you were deprived of your driver's license due to driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs or other intoxication, you will again need to undergo a medical examination to obtain certificate 083/ะพ and pass exams at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where you received your previous licenses.

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