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Evacuation with pets.

When evacuating from home, do not leave your pets locked in the house under any circumstances. If you canโ€™t take your pet with you, give it to a friend, to a shelter or even to a zoo, if it has the ability to accept animals.

If you still decide to take the pet with you, the list of necessary things for it on the road will be useful for you:

  • supply of food and water;
  • documents (European passport or health certificate);
  • dishes from which to eat;
  • a bag with toilet or diaper filler;
  • a couch or a warm blanket;
  • a leash;
  • favorite toys.

It is important when evacuating a pet:

  1. Indicate the owner's contacts on the token or collar.
  2. Do not overfeed the pet before the trip.
  3. It is better to fix the carriers in which the pet is with a safety belt, do not carry the pet in your arms.
  4. If the pet feels bad on the way, it is shaken, then you can give it human medicine for nausea in proportion to its weight.
  5. If you want to let the pet out for a short time, it is better to do it in a closed room, but if you want to do it outside, it is better to do it on a leash or in special harnesses.
How to be with pets in a shelter?

For a comfortable stay in a shelter with the pet, it is worth:

  • stock up on food and water;
  • take dishes from which the pet often eats;
  • take a carrier for the animal;
  • stick a piece of paper with your contacts on the collar, if there is no such information on the token;
  • prepare a veterinary passport;
  • if necessary, take a first aid kit for the pet and hygiene products with you.

While at the shelter, treat the animal as lovingly as you would at home. Pet and talk to it. Remember that your voice and your presence (your smell) calms the pet down.