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Which banks can be used for housing assistance for IDPs?

In the case of registration of the service of payment of housing assistance to an internally displaced person via the Diia Portal, you can choose one of the following banks: Universal Bank (Monobank), PrivatBank, Alfa-Bank, A-Bank, Ukrgasbank, Oschadbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, IdeaBank, Bank Vostok, FUIB, izibank, Pravex Bank, Taskombank (Sportbank).

The list of partner banks will be updated as they connect to the service.

Who is entitled to housing assistance?

These categories include:

  • persons who moved from the territory temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine, as well as the territory of administrative-territorial units where hostilities are taking place (the list of territories is approved by the Order of the Ministry of Reintegration mceclip0.png);
  • persons whose housing mceclip0.png is destroyed or uninhabitable due to damage, subject to the submission of documentary evidence from local self-government bodies of the damage/destruction of immovable property as a result of hostilities, acts of terrorism, sabotage caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

Aid is not provided to internally displaced persons who have been registered as IDPs until 24.02.2022 in regions that are not included in the list of territorial communities that are located in the area of โ€‹โ€‹military (combat) operations or that are under temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade), except for persons who received monthly targeted assistance to internally displaced persons to cover living expenses, including for the payment of housing and communal services, and persons who have moved once more from the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, the territories where hostilities are taking place or temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation after February 24, 2022.

How to apply for housing assistance for IDPs?

This can be done in person at the bodies of social protection of the population at the place of your actual stay, the administrative service center (TsNAP), or via the mobile application โ€œDiiaโ€.

To receive assistance, an IDP fills out an application that states:

  • surname, first name, patronymic (if available) of the applicant;
  • taxpayer registration card number;
  • date of birth;
  • information about the declared/registered place of residence on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit from where the person moved;
  • the address of the place where the person moved to and the contact phone number;
  • number of a current account with a special mode of use for crediting the โ€œeAidโ€ assistance or a bank account number (according to the IBAN standard);
  • having the status of a person with a disability;
  • information about minor children who moved with IDPs.

Information about a minor child is included in the application of one of the parents.

Which card should be indicated when applying for the certificate of IDPs offline at the Department of Labor and Social Protection Administration?

When applying for an IDP certificate in person at government agencies, you can provide the card details for payments. If you wish to provide credit card details, we recommend that you consult the bank that issued your card regarding the possibility of transferring funds to it.

Will it be possible to change the account details offline if the bank issued outdated data during the registration of the service?

Yes, changing the account to receive financial assistance will be possible. To do this, you must contact the Department of Social Protection of the Population and submit an application.

After receiving the certificate and calculation of monetary payment, the IDP moved to another location. What actions should the IDP take?

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 509 dated 10.01.2014 โ€œOn Registration of Internally Displaced Personsโ€, an internally displaced person is obliged to notify the authorized body of the new place of residence about the change of residence within ten days from the day of arrival at the new place of residence.

What are the reasons for the termination of housing assistance for IDPs?

These payments are suspended or terminated if:

  1. The fact of illegal receipt of assistance is recorded;
  2. The certificate of an internally displaced person is canceled (read about the grounds for canceling the validity of the certificate, Article 12 mceclip0.png.

Additionally: If an IDP illegally or repeatedly receives housing assistance for a certain period, the amount of the paid assistance is returned by the person voluntarily or at the request of the social protection body to the account of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

Organizations that provide financial assistance to displaced persons.

1. Charity organization "BHA & Save The Children" mceclip0.png.

Cash assistance in the amount of UAH 2,200 is provided for internally displaced persons who moved to Vinnytsia during November-December 2022; Dnipropetrovsk; Zaporozhye; of Lviv; Chernivtsi regions.

Funds may take up to three months to arrive.

Such help can be received by:

  • families of immigrants who do not have a safe place to live;
  • victims of sudden shelling of households, families who lost a family member, means of livelihood as a result of the war;
  • families of displaced persons who do not have safe housing and meet at least one criterion:

1) the family is supported by a woman;

2) or an elderly person (60+);

3) or a person with a disability;

4) a family with a child and people with a disability, chronic illness, temporary injury (fracture, postoperative condition, etc.);

5) a family with a child and an elderly person;

6) a family with two or more children;

7) a family with a child under care;

8) a family with a pregnant woman or a mother who is breastfeeding a child under the age of two.

You can learn more about the program by contacting:

IMPORTANT: The organization cooperates with local city authorities, and it is they who provide lists of families that meet the criteria. The criteria are excellent in all regions mceclip0.png.

2. Gate to Ukraine platform mceclip0.png.

Financial assistance in the amount of $100 (provided once).

Can receive:

  • people from the zone of active hostilities;
  • as well as de-occupied/occupied territories;
  • who have at least one minor child.

What are the conditions of receipt?

It is necessary to fill out the form at the link mceclip0.png (after that, the application is checked, it is translated into English and posted on the website mceclip0.png). Funds are sent to a card or bank account.

ADDITIONAL: After receiving the funds, Gate to Ukraine asks you to record a short thank-you video mceclip0.png for your sponsor.

What financial aid can those who were or are still in captivity receive from the state?

According to the Ministry of Reintegration, persons who have been deprived of their liberty as a result of armed aggression against Ukraine may receive annual and one-time state financial assistance.

In particular, financial support in the amount of 100,000 hryvnias annually is provided for the duration of the stay of such persons in places of detention. Members of their families can apply for this assistance.

After release from captivity, these persons are entitled to a one-time payment of 100,000 hryvnias from the state.

In order to receive state aid, it is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Reintegration.

An example of an application and a list of required documents are given at the link:ย 

What benefits can immigrants in Ukraine receive?

1. Guarantees for financial assistance:

  • IDPs can receive a monthly state allowance for accommodation โ€” UAH 2,000 for adults and UAH 3,000 for children and people with disabilities. Currently, such payments are issued only to residents of certain communities (the current list can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of Reintegration).

2. Compensation of housing costs from the state:

  • IDPs have the right to free temporary accommodation for 6 months from the moment of being registered as an IDP (provided they pay utility bills). This period can be extended for large families, persons with disabilities, and the elderly.
  • Citizens who sheltered IDPs from temporarily occupied territories or zones of military (combat) operations or IDPs whose housing was destroyed or uninhabitable as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation for free can receive compensation for utility services. From October 2022, these are monthly payments in the amount of 900 hryvnias per person.
  • IDPs who do not have their own housing or whose housing has been destroyed have the right to receive temporary housing from housing funds. Housing is provided free of charge for a period of up to one year with the possibility of extension for the next period.

3. Benefits in the field of education:

  • A child with IDP status can continue studying in any general secondary education institution at the new place of residence, even if he does not have documents certifying his identity.
  • Immigrant students can apply for budget places in Ukrainian universities.

4. Guarantees in the sphere of realization of medical rights:

  • IDPs have the opportunity to receive a doctor's consultation in any hospital. It is not necessary to make a declaration with a doctor for this.
  • Patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes (type 1/type 2), diabetes insipidus, bronchial asthma, mental and behavioral disorders, epilepsy can receive medicines under the "Affordable Medicines" program - free of charge or with a small surcharge.
  • If a child or an adult immigrant missed a scheduled vaccination according to the National Vaccination Calendar, it is possible to get vaccinated at the new place of residence.

5. Housing loans and debt relief:

  • In order to receive a loan for housing, IDPs can apply for participation in the program "Provision of preferential mortgage loans to internally displaced persons" of the State Fund for the Promotion of Youth Housing Construction.
  • Owners of destroyed credit property can apply to banks for debt cancellation, and if the housing purchased on credit is damaged/requires repair/found in a temporarily occupied territory or in a war zone, apply for a suspension of payment of the monetary obligation.
  • IDPs are released from the negative consequences of their violation of monetary obligations under the credit agreement.

6. Compensation for employment of IDPs:

  • Entrepreneurs who employ migrants can receive UAH 6,700 each. Compensation in the amount of one minimum salary can be received for two months โ€” for the first and second month of the IDP's work.

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Grants for relocated businesses: where to get financial help for businesses.

Because of the war, many Ukrainian entrepreneurs moved their businesses to safer regions. Currently, a relocated business can receive help from various institutions.


Support for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises

The USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine program accepts grant applications from startups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Funds will be used to support business continuity and recovery, including:

  • relocation or restoration of business in conditions of war;
  • expansion to foreign markets;
  • maintaining and improving the level of business opportunities.

More details:


Support of the agricultural sector and food production

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) offers support to the agricultural sector and food production in Ukraine through business partnerships. The partnership is based on the principle of co-investment. DRC allocates a grant of up to USD 20,000, and the partner must contribute up to 50% of the total project budget. You can read more at the link:


Consulting from specialists of the Center for resource-efficient and clean production

The European Union for the Environment (EU4Environment) program, funded by the European Union, offers free advice to businesses on the following topics:

  • availability of resources (materials, energy, water, labor) and availability of resources (including energy security);
  • supplier mapping;
  • human resources management;
  • availability of opportunities for waste management and safe waste management;
  • resource-efficient and clean production;
  • industrial symbiosis;
  • readiness for emergency situations.

You can submit an application for consultation at the link:

Source: Ministry of Reintegration mceclip0.png.